The Artist
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I am, and have always been, a collector of nature’s treasures…stones, shells, seeds, and insects, to name a few. My interest in beads, however, is more recent. First attracted to a relative’s bead collection, not only was I lured by their beauty, but fascinated by their history, as well.

Many of the beads used in my pieces have been worn innumerable times. The pitting and wear on the surface of Trade Beads, often used in my necklaces, or any old bead, is a testament of its age. When I integrate these beads into my necklaces, I feel like I am reaching back into the lives of those who were drawn to and loved them as much as I. It is an honor to bring them, once again, from their static, shelf-life repose, into the pulse of life.

Born and raised in Hibbing, Minnesota, I was allowed to follow my spirit, and to listen to the artistic voice within me. My summers were spent at the family cabin, where I, from dawn until dusk, explored the beach, river, and woods that enveloped me. My best teacher was Mother Nature. She was endlessly patient with my prodding, poking, and digging, and unselfishly presented herself to me, time and time again. Most importantly, She was never judgmental! She taught me well.

My formal education includes an Elective Studies degree from St. Cloud State University, with an emphasis in the sciences, botany, geology, and ecology. I studied art, as well, taking many art classes, including drawing and photography. Secondly, I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Education from the University of Minnesota, Duluth, and a Masters of Education degree from the University of Wisconsin, LaCrosse.

A recent middle school science teacher retiree, I occupy my time as a jewelry designer, a pastelist, and a new student of the violin. .