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African Mask hand-carved by the artist, Coin
Silver, Red Coral Glass, Ostrich Shell, Hand-tooled African Nickel, Hand-wound Silver - Africa, Wood
New Zealand Mauri Mask, hand-carved from deer antler by the artist, White Hearts, Hand-cut Ostrich Shell - Africa, Dutch Donuts, West Africa Trade Bead, 1800's, Hand-made Lost Wax Brass Cast - Africa, Red Sponge Coral, dZi agate, Vinyl Record Spacers - Africa                                         17-inch
“Oh, how I love this one!” - Zoé
Irridescent Jewel-Wing Beetle wings
African Trade Bead, late 1800’s
Sterling silver
Blue glass
24k gold wire   
Brass               21-inch

.Hand-Carved Trout on Deer Antler