Trade Beads 3
Tribal, yet so ellegant....dZi Beads - Carnelian, Red Jasper, Jasper, Vinyl Record Heishi - Africa, Brass                                                                 23-inch
"First Place Winner" in Bead Challenge.....
Picture Jasper, Assorted Jasper, Greek Silver, African Hand-wound Silver Coils, African Hand-tooled Brass and Silver, Sterling Silver, Wood, Jasper/Silver Clasp                               22-inch
Antique Middle Eastern Red Coral and Silver Pendant, Antique Anna Green Bohemian Vaseline Trade Beads, ~1860, White Hearts, Blue Ceramic                                                                  20-inch
Antique Quartz Money Beads-Africa, American Turquoise, Hudson Bay
 Trade Beads - Green Hearts,
  Coconut Shell